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You deserve to have fulfilling relationships,
and to feel excited about them!

Relationship Therapy for Individuals in Oakland, CA

What is Relationship Therapy?

Your life is defined by your relationships.

Our earliest relationships provided a blueprint for where we belong and what we can expect from others. Caregiving relationships were our source of basic human needs for safety, love, belonging, and acceptance. 

Our success in meeting these needs instilled lasting beliefs about our worthiness of love and the capacity for relationships to be safe. In the absence of secure relationships, we find strategies to meet our needs in other ways.

Our blueprint of beliefs and expectations accompanies us into every relationship we have. Every interaction is interpreted through this lens and becomes part of our larger story of who we are. This process never ends and our story continues to be written as we speak. 

Relationship therapy for individuals sheds light on how your blueprint influences your relationships today. Relationships can be so confusing! They can make us feel and act in ways that are hard to explain and seem outside of who we are.

Are you struggling to bring your best self into your romantic partnership?

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Perhaps you are already in couples therapy and recognize your own need for self-exploration. Or have you struggled to find or maintain close relationships and want to understand why?
Relationship therapy can be an invaluable space to focus on yourself so that your best self can shine with the most important people in your life.
Beyond your interpersonal relationships, relationship therapy gives attention to the way you relate to yourself, as well as the many facets of the larger world. How do you relate to money? To food? Sex? Drugs and alcohol?
How do these relationships impact your relationship with your partner or spouse?
Examining your life as a series of relationships can be an illuminating tool for understanding your mental health.

What I Can Offer

In therapy, we create a relationship together that is special for many reasons.

This relationship is about you. It is a place for you to have space to show up in ways that may feel uncomfortable or unavailable in other relationships. It is a place for you to be seen in your entirety. Even the parts of you that may stay hidden from others. Together we can explore your present and your past to uncover the blueprint for how you relate to everything and everyone in your life. 


Read more about my approach here.

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Single or Committed, we all

seek Relationship Therapy

for different reasons.

Relationship Therapy Can Help;

Relationship therapy is about building insight into aspects of your life that can happen without any consideration. We bring awareness to your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors – and how they influence each other.
Therapy can help you expand your understanding of yourself, others, and the world around you. We will uncover connections between past experiences and present feelings or beliefs. When you can connect to yourself on a deeper level, your life can be recognized within a greater context and, hopefully, with more self-compassion.
Most importantly, giving focus to your thought patterns and emotional experiences can provide a new awareness of how you relate to everything in your life. You cannot change unwanted patterns without identifying how and why they happen. 
Relationship therapy can offer a new perspective that provides you the agency to become your preferred self in all your relationships.

My Commitments to You

I will be here every week.

Consistency is a hallmark of effective therapy. Holding a space for you that is consistent and reliable is my highest priority.

Ready to connect to the life you deserve?

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