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A personalized approach for your personal experience.

Depression Therapy in Oakland, CA

What is depression?

Depression is one of the most misunderstood experiences of being human. Depression has a range of symptoms; however, it is most depicted at its most extreme: deep, numbing sadness, hopelessness, or the urge to hurt oneself.
Many people who experience mild depression are unaware of it. They feel bored with life, unmotivated, or aimless. They feel lost or disconnected from the parts of life they used to enjoy.
You may think this is “just normal life”. You may justify this experience as part of the aging process or minimize the impact they have. In any case, though these symptoms might seem “normal” and are shared by many, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your attention.
Life could always be worse. But it could also be better!


Where does depression come from?

The roots of depression share the same diversity and complexity as the people who experience it. No two cases are alike.
Depression can come from trauma, childhood, loss, physical or other mental illness, difficult life transitions, substance abuse, or many other experiences. Additionally, like any other emotional disorder, depression also has biological components and can have genetic predispositions.
Many people have been suffering from undiagnosed anxiety or low-grade depression for years before they develop more severe symptoms of depression. For some, the systems they grow up in are oppressive and instill beliefs that some parts of themselves must be suppressed to be loved and accepted.

Depression Therapy Can Help;

The nature of depression itself often leaves people reluctant to share these feelings with others for fear of burdening them. They are then left shouldering this emotional weight alone. 

Therapy provides a space to unload these feelings and lighten the load. Let’s unpack them together. Therapy for depression can help you understand your feelings in more depth, which opens new opportunities for change. 

In therapy, we will explore not only the origins and development of your depression but also how it currently acts in the present. Rarely are people fully aware of the ways their thoughts or actions play a role in maintaining, or even worsening, depressive symptoms. Bringing awareness to these processes allows you to make choices to disrupt these patterns.

Nothing can change if you don’t fully understand the problem.

My Commitments to You

I will be here every week.

Consistency is a hallmark of effective therapy. Holding a space for you that is consistent and reliable is my highest priority.

It is common to experience depression at some time during your life. Let me help.

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