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Therapy for Individuals

Therapy for Anxiety and Depression 
in Berkeley and Online

I'm glad you are here.

This is a big deal.


I don’t know about your journey getting here specifically, but I do know that people face various barriers on their path toward starting therapy. We have come a long way as a society on the topic of mental health, and nevertheless, social stigma still exists.


Prioritizing yourself and your emotional well-being is not always easy to do. There are always reasons “now is not the right time” or “the problem isn’t big enough”. It can be so tempting to let your own needs fall back on your priority list.


Furthermore, symptoms of anxiety and depression are exhausting and uncomfortable, and our natural instinct is to avoid uncomfortable things. Creating space to focus on your mental health might feel scary! Or if not scary, therapy might feel like a huge effort that requires more energy than you can give.


Nobody who hasn’t experienced these symptoms can understand how hard it can be to take even the first step of getting support. This alone is deserving of recognition.


Therapy is an investment I take very seriously.

I recognize the investment and sacrifice you are making by starting this therapeutic relationship together.


The financial commitment to therapy is significant. I hold this in mind throughout our process. I will show up for you every week with your goals in mind.


Time is precious. Committing to an hour a week in your busy life can be tricky. Investing time towards your own needs is so important and I am dedicated to using this time effectively together.


I do not overlook the investment of energy you are making in therapy. This is hard! Some sessions may be uncomfortable. And some will provide uplift. No matter the case, you are committing energy to this process and I strive to meet you wherever you are each week.


Most importantly, you are investing your trust in me when you commit to therapy. This is a vulnerable process. Trust takes time to earn, and this happens differently for everyone. My primary goal is to create a space for our relationship to grow so that you can feel safe letting me into your life and inner world.

My commitment to you:

I will be here every week.

Consistency is a hallmark of effective therapy. Holding a space for you that is consistent and reliable is my highest priority.

Come as you are.


I welcome whatever version of you that is present each week. There is no obligation or expectation on my part for you to be anything other than your authentic self in our relationship.

I take your goals seriously.

I strive to stay connected to your therapeutic goals throughout our process together. This means I will be checking in with you consistently about how our work is feeling for you. Sometimes goals need to change, or parts of our process together may require a shift. No matter the case, I am committed to keeping our work meaningful and supportive throughout.

Allow me to hold the parts that are too heavy right now.

For many people, therapy is a space to bring thoughts and feelings which feel like “too much” for other relationships in their life to hold. You may worry about “burdening” others with dark thoughts or intense emotions.


Our relationship is built for this.


Nothing is too much for me to hold with you. Over time, I hope to earn your trust so that all your parts feel welcome here. Allow me to hold some of the weight of these feelings until you feel strong enough.


I am also here to hold hope and recognize growth with you, even if these feel, at times, too far away.

I specialize in working with these issues:

  • Relationships

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Addiction / Harm Reduction

  • Co-Dependency

  • Trauma

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