About Me

My Approach

I am a real person.


I am not the therapist who sits quietly and nods his head. I am honest and engaged in every conversation with you. I listen with curiosity and ask questions for clarity. I will tell you what I am thinking and feeling.


I will interrupt you.


I know, it’s rude. And I make effort to do this softly, with respect and transparency when it happens.


I consider it my responsibility to support you in creating the change that you desire. My intention when I interrupt you is to notice the process in the present moment. Is this different, or how this usually happens outside of therapy? The last thing I want is for our limited time together to be a continuation of patterns or reactions you want to change. 

I will stop you so that we don’t miss anything. Moving slowly helps us notice what we can otherwise overlook. It provides space for experiencing ourselves in a new way. When we pause it gives us the chance to notice opportunities and try new things.


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I am a warm challenger.


I believe deeply in the capacity of relationships for healing and growth. In therapy, our relationship becomes the container for the change you are looking for.


We generally go to therapy because we want something to be different in our lives. And yet, we are often reluctant to change at all. I am committed to the goals that brought you here. Therefore, I will speak up when this dilemma arises.


I will never pressure you to do anything that doesn’t feel right. And if it feels right but you don’t feel ready, I will stay with you in that process. My challenge is never to DO anything. It is an invitation for us to notice opportunities for change and to be curious, together, about how it might feel to try something new.


I believe in your capacity.


To feel. To understand. To grow.


Most of us are not taught to pay attention to our bodies. I sure wasn’t. We don’t often get invitations to think about the way we think in everyday life. It is okay to not know how you feel or where your thoughts go when big emotions arise. How could you know to do something that was never modeled for you?


The practice of noticing yourself – the way you experience your inner world – is the greatest gift I have to offer my clients.


Our bodies are sending us signals all the time. We call them “feelings” for a reason! Your body is no different. I want to help you connect to the wisdom your emotions offer you. Becoming deeply connected to yourself comes from paying attention to what’s already happening.


I have spent my entire career in helping professions. Prior to becoming a therapist, I spent eight years as a teacher and program manager at therapy-enriched non-public school programs for teenagers with acute emotional and behavioral needs.


This experience ingrained in me the immense power of unconditional love and support in helping people learn, grow, and redefine their sense of themselves. I witnessed, firsthand, how children who had experienced nothing but failure and rejection from adults at school came to our programs with the perception that they were incapable of success. They were unable to see their unique strengths and positive qualities that are not recognized or rewarded in the public-school model.


My decision to shift career paths is rooted in my passion for helping people overcome deep-seated and limiting beliefs about themselves. Empowering children to discover new possibilities for their lives was what inspired me as a teacher and has now become my purpose in life.


I obtained my Masters in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley. I have experience practicing therapy in both community mental health settings, as well as, in the counseling department of a public high school. Driven by my passion for social justice, I have worked with diverse populations, providing therapy to adults, couples, youth, and families suffering from a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, abuse, addiction, and relationship distress.

Training and Experience

  • BA, Sociology, UC Davis

  • MA, Counseling Psychology, John F. Kennedy University

  • 8 years of experience providing counseling and behavioral modification interventions with Seneca Family of Agencies

  • 2-year intensive training and internship with emphasis on Psychodynamic theory and practice at the Community Institute of Psychotherapy, San Rafael

  • 1-year internship in the counseling department of Albany High School

  • 100+ training hours in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) including EFT Externship and Core Skills Training

  • 1 year of supervision with a Certified EFT Therapist

  • 2 years of experience supporting individuals with addiction and dual diagnosis in a recovery treatment setting

Professional Affiliations

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